Jamie Davella

Full Stack Developer - NYC

Passionate about using the tools of programming for civic tech, public transportation & big data analysis...
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Photo and message sharing app for closed user groups that enables users to share photos with multiple group members, but all comments on posts are private between the sender and logged in user.

React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, CSS3, Jest, Create React App, Heroku


Learn German

Full-stack app designed to teach users German using a spaced-repetition algorithm.

React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bootstrap, Mocha, Chai, Webpack, Heroku


Citibike Computations

Used Google Big Query, betaNYC and Citibike's API to test a hypothesis that the most popular Citibike Stations were located farthest from a metro station.



Goals Accountability App

Users create a list of goals where they can add, edit, delete and check off their goals. When a user checks off a goal they receive a sticker.

React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, CSS3, Webpack, Heroku

About Me


I’m a full stack developer from NYC. I love building web applications with React and NodeJS as well as learning Python to explore data. My educational background is in economics and political science, and I have an MPA in international development from Tsinghua University in China. I think broadly and critically about meaningful and challenging problems and coding has given me the opportunity to explore all of these passions on a daily basis.

Before coding, I was a senior research analyst for two years at a private telecommunications company. My job grew into a management role instructing our vendor in India on data entry. While working to improve data collection, I became interested in databases and tools to improve work flow which led me to enroll in a part-time intro to web development course centered on Ruby. I was energized by the challenges and learning environment a career in programming could offer, which motivated me to leave this job and enroll in a full time web development bootcamp of four months where I learned Javascript, React/Redux, NodeJS/Express, Mocha/Chai MongoDB/Mongoose, PostgreSQL and Python, while building web applications.

Side Projects

I am currently building Family-Page as a React Native app to make it more accessible to family members while learning React Native.

What I'm Really Good At

I have high emotional intelligence which drives me to work well on teams and communicate effectively. I recently discovered how to leverage these skills in the agile, scrum work environment which has helped me learn at a rapid pace and quickly add value to my team.

What I'm Looking To Do Next

React and NodeJS are powerful tools that have allowed me to build quickly. I would love to continue to work with these tools as well as expand and use React Native while building skills as a developer. I also enjoy thinking through data structures and using the tools of programming to explore data, and would also be interested in focusing on the languages and technologies in this field.

Reach Out

For general inquiry, please Email jamie.davella@gmail.com. You can find my code on Github. Check out my professional network on Linkedin